KRIS³ is a flexible, scalable and powerful process information system that gives you constant access to the process data in your plant - at any time and any place

The application possibilities are industry-neutral. The functionalities complement control and visualisation systems with convenient options for production data acquisition and evaluation. A convenient connection to Siemens WinCC or PCS 7 is integrated. But also as a stand-alone solution, KRIS³ can be easily and securely integrated into your existing IT infrastructure due to its standardised interfaces (SQL, XML, CSV, Oracle, web services, etc.). Furthermore, it is possible to expand the KRIS³ process information system into an ISO 50001-compliant energy management system.


Important information is hidden in data. The more data you have available, the more opportunities there are. Data collections are called "Big Data". The art is to extract information from the data in order to make the right decisions. KRIS³ not only collects all the data, but through intelligent data management enables an increase in

  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Traceability
  • Reproducibility


Information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT) are growing ever closer together. But they speak different languages. IT is about the office world, network security and server availability. In OT, new criteria are being added: Real-time, heterogeneity and mass data. Only a close link between IT and OT will lead to success in the long term. KRIS³ is at home in both worlds and enables secure access to the process data in your company - at any time and any place.


Alarm System

With the KRIS alarm system, you document your process messages without gaps. The combination with the recorded process trends offers you an extremely convenient fault analysis.


  • Clear, quickly interpretable illustration
  • Definition of priority classes
  • Extensive filter functions
  • Import functions for WinCC and PCS 7 messages
  • Synchronised display of trends and messages


The intuitive operation of the trend system as well as the flexible and simple connection of the industrial process automation offers you the ideal data basis for industrial IoT solutions.

  • Graphic display of trends of measured, calculated, and binary values
  • Zoom functions, reading rulers
  • Possibility of difference formation, compression functions
  • Analysis in real time
  • Independent of the automation system manufacturer


KRIS³ provides the basis for professional and efficient reporting. The use of the standard software Microsoft Excel in the area of report generation makes it much easier for you to get started. In combination with the Microsoft SQL Server as the database for Excel, even complicated correlations and key figures can be displayed without any problems.


  • Powerful, efficient reporting tool
  • Time- and event-controlled calculations
  • Recording of automatically generated and manually entered data
  • Individual, customer-specific configuration of protocols
  • Write-back of backup values to the control system
  • Excel-based


The economical use of energy is increasingly becoming a corporate focus. Efficient energy management not only makes an important contribution to climate protection, but also strengthens competitiveness. The professional tool KRIS offers you all the prerequisites to display energy flows in an up-to-date, clear and transparent manner.

  • Dynamic Sankey / circle / ABC analysis diagrams
  • ABC analyses with Pareto evaluation
  • Comparison of time periods and batches
  • Comparison of load profile and meter data with energy suppliers
  • Mobile data collection via barcode
  • According to DIN EN ISO 50001


KRIS³ offers lean and efficient recipe management. Recipe parameters can be stored centrally, independent of the automation system. By means of versioning and linking to the protocol module, recipe values can be saved back from optimally produced batches,

  • Recipe maintenance and management
  • Independent of the control system manufacturer
  • Unlimited number of recipes and values
  • Automatic recipe creation from protocol values



The KRIS visualisation app is based on the latest HTML5 web technology and is ideally suited to the requirements of Industry 4.0.

  • Individually designable process screens
  • Active intervention in plant operation possible
  • Easy access to production-related energy consumption and trends
  • Dynamic visualisation of current consumption
  • Monitoring of process values and key figures
  • Access from PC, tablet, smartphone without client licence



The QualityViewer has been developed in cooperation with MRP ( especially for the paper industry. By using Matlab, a modern user interface with comfortable graphical possibilities has been created which is excellently suited for new installations and the retrofit of existing measuring frames. The operator is thus able to evaluate quality and machine data together in KRIS.

KRIS³ - Downloads


  • Industry 4.0 and KRIS³
  • Process diagnosis procedure in KRIS³
  • Innovations in version 2016

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  • System of many possibilities
  • The modular process information system KRIS³
  • The efficient energy management system KRIS³
  • Just meeting the standard is not our claim

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Energy management with KRIS³

Due to ISO 50001, the economical use of energy is becoming an increasingly important focus for companies. Efficient energy management not only makes an important contribution to climate protection, but also strengthens competitiveness. We don't just want to meet the standard: KRIS³ offers you more in energy management.

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