We install electrotechnical systems in industry, which are mainly related to production and infrastructure. We offer you customised complete solutions from a single source. With our expertise, we ensure the economic efficiency of your systems throughout their entire life cycle.


Power Engineering

A stable low-voltage supply is the basis for successful automation of production plants. KRIKO Engineering provides support in the installation of low-voltage systems. We design systems up to 690 V AC, are experienced in dealing with Motor Control Centres (MCC) in fully withdrawable technology and carry out network calculations according to DIN VDE 0102. In the field of medium-voltage technology, we have experience in connecting protective devices such as Siemens SIPROTEC. Depending on the requirements, communication takes place, for example, via the IEC 60870-5 protocol or via PROFINET.


We offer a wide range of services in the field of drive technology for the production or processing of paper, metal, films, nonwovens or fibres. The focus here is on the modernisation and expansion of existing plants. As a rule, our projects aim to increase the efficiency of the plants and the quality and flexibility of production.

When implementing drive solutions, we use motors and converters from various well-known manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens or Danfoss. To further strengthen our position in the drive sector, we have entered into a partnership with ABB Automation Products GmbH as an ABB Authorised Value Provider. The benefit for customers lies in industry-specific, non-standard solutions from a single source, from the offer to the service.

Our service portfolio, in which we already have decades of experience, covers a wide range of drive tasks. In addition, we are always interested in new challenges.


For the realisation of automation tasks, we use automation, visualisation, and control technology systems from various well-known manufacturers such as Siemens, Rockwell, ABB or Wonderware. We prefer to use systems from the market leader Siemens, for which we also have Certified Specialist status as part of the Siemens Solution Partner Programme. The spectrum ranges from simple single-user solutions to complex client-server structures with redundant servers.

Our automation specialists are well-versed in handling both the TIA Portal from Siemens and the classic SIMATIC Manager. And even though the controllers have not been sold for a long time, our particularly experienced staff are still skilled in handling SIMATIC S5 controllers. This is an invaluable advantage, especially in modernisation or migration projects.

KRIKO Engineering develops customised visualisation solutions. Our spectrum ranges from small text displays to touch panels and large-screen solutions for control rooms. Ergonomic and intuitive operation are the focus of our development work. For an efficient realisation we use our self-developed visualisation standard "KrikoVis".


In the area of process control technology, we mainly use the PCS 7 process control system from Siemens. Depending on the requirements, we use standard modules or proven, industry-specific libraries. We also use PCS 7 for the migration of older process control systems, such as Siemens TELEPERM M/ME.

In the context of Industry 4.0, the digitalisation of production and thus networking is not only being driven forward horizontally along the value chain, but also vertically along all relevant business processes. As a system-independent service provider, KRIKO Engineering has many years of experience in linking process control systems to manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise resource planning systems (ERP systems) or laboratory information and management systems (LIMS).


Automation technology and information technology are increasingly merging. This offers many advantages, such as reduction of interfaces, use of the same hardware resources, higher transparency and data availability. But production data must be available quickly and reliably.

Through the development of its own process information system KRIS³, KRIKO Engineering has experience in handling powerful database systems. A possible virtualisation of data storage decouples the applications from the hardware used and can significantly increase the redundancy of a system. In this area, KRIKO Engineering offers various solutions from cold standby to highly available systems, depending on the application.

Lean Management

Lean management makes it possible to achieve the same result with less labour input while maintaining the same quality. The management philosophy applies principles and methods to efficiently optimise processes throughout the value chain. The key principle of lean manufacturing is to reduce waste in order to create sustainable added value for customers.

An important method of lean management is Six Sigma. Six Sigma is understood as quality management with a zero defect strategy. The goal of a Six Sigma project is to analyse and optimise the existing process in detail. The processing of such a project follows the five-step DIMAC cycle. In this cycle, the processes are defined, their performance measured, the causes analysed and solutions implemented. The last step serves as a long-term success control.

Particularly successful in application is the combination of Lean Management and Six Sigma, also known as Lean Six Sigma.

With our Lean Six Sigma specialist, we design your processes so that the resulting products and services are highly error-free.



Network technology now plays a central role in every major automation solution. Reliable and secure data transmission is the main focus here. The networking of components ranges from the connection of intelligent field devices via automation and visualisation systems to the secure exchange of data across production sites. Our trained network specialists manage virtual networks, optimise data transmission speeds and ensure high network availability.


For manufacturing companies, the safety of people and the environment is of central importance. KRIKO Engineering supports the implementation of safety-related systems with trained safety experts. In accordance with the specified Performance Level (PL) or Safety Integrity Level (SIL), we undertake the assembly of safety-related equipment right through to the programming and commissioning of fail-safe control systems.

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In the past, industrial automation was completely separated from the IT world in many companies. In the case of production plants, there is a considerable potential risk from unauthorised access from outside. In addition to the loss of company secrets and production downtimes, this can also result in quality losses with high liability risks or damage to property and personal injury. Against the background of increasing networking through Industry 4.0, this separation is being broken down on many levels. At this point it is important to have an automation partner who ensures the safety of industrial automation with experience and a sense of proportion. KRIKO plans and implements a secure IT infrastructure for you in the industrial environment - virtual or real.

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