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Our service portfolio, in which we already have decades of experience with intelligent automation solutions, covers a wide range of industrial automation tasks. In addition, however, we are always interested in new challenges.


The economic development of the Black Forest with its rich timber and hydroelectric resources is closely linked to the paper industry. To the same extent, the company KRIKO Engineering, as an automation specialist from South Baden, has accompanied the paper industry from the very beginning. Within the scope of automation and drive technology, our service portfolio includes, among others, the following plant components:

  • Stock/waste paper preparation
  • Paper machines
  • Slitter, cross cutter and winder
  • Embossing and calendering calenders


Power plants have to meet the highest requirements in terms of plant availability. Power plants have to generate electricity and steam 365 days a year in order not to endanger the underlying production processes. In addition, there are high official requirements regarding plant safety and environmental protection. There is little scope for broad-based plant modernisation. It is not uncommon for such plants to use process control systems such as Siemens Teleperm M that have been discontinued for some time. KRIKO Engineering offers sophisticated conversion concepts based on experienced personnel, very good preparation and extensive preliminary tests to carry out plant migrations on schedule.

  • Combined cycle and residual fuel power plants
  • Waste incineration plants, thermal exhaust air purification
  • Combined heat and power plants and emergency diesel power
  • Switchgear visualisation with IEC 60870-5-103 / 104
  • Redundant structures in the automation system and fail-safe components for media supply


The Achilles heel of every industrial company is the media supply, e.g. steam, compressed air and refrigeration. As a reliable partner, KRIKO Engineering ensures that the necessary redundant structures are set up in the automation system at all critical points and that fail-safe components are used. And to ensure that everything runs smoothly, KRIKO Engineering also has the know-how and tools to optimally adjust control systems.

  • Energy management and load shedding systems
  • Medium and low-voltage switchgear
  • Water-tube boiler systems using gas, oil, coal and biomass as fuels
  • Combined heat and power plants and emergency diesel generators
  • Industrial refrigeration, recooling plants, heat pumps, geothermal energy
  • Industrial heating and ventilation systems
  • Industrial compressed air supply
  • Alarm systems


Consistently high product quality is a prerequisite. KRIKO Engineering ensures that this remains the case by using sophisticated automation solutions. And with the help of data acquisition and logging, this can be easily and transparently verified. Gladly also with our in-house process information system KRIS³.


  • Malt silos, brewhouses, fermentation and storage cellars for breweries
  • Vacuum dryers and filling plants for foodstuffs
  • Sugar production
  • Agricultural logistics


The basic materials and metals sector faces a variety of challenges: High cost pressure from international competition, rising energy costs and environmental regulations, and an increasing shortage of skilled workers. Customised automation solutions provide the basis for long-term success. Since its foundation, KRIKO Engineering has been involved in the basic materials and metals industry and ensures high availability and operational reliability of production plants through successful project implementation.

  • Rolling mills and processing machines for aluminium
  • Coating plants
  • Production paints and plasters


In many industries, production downtimes are expensive because nothing can be produced. In the water / waste water sector, however, the effects can be more serious. Without water, public life can be disrupted. For this reason, robust, reliable and easy-to-operate automation solutions are needed. Whether waterworks, wastewater treatment plants or even swimming pools, KRIKO Engineering has numerous references from this sector. Please contact us!

  • Water supply
  • Groundwater and seepage water purification plants
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Swimming pool technology
  • Sewage plants


Safety is a top priority in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Irregularities in the production process can have a major impact on the environment or patients. We provide support through trained safety experts in the engineering of a plant in accordance with the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) or accompany the validation process in accordance with the V-model for a new process control system.


  • Weighing and mixing processes
  • Transport and logistics systems


To ensure nominal flow rates, high accuracy and reliable operation, pumps are tested at the manufacturing plants on special test benches according to specific customer specifications. The test procedures are fully automated and thus offer the best possible reproducibility. KRIKO Engineering has already supplied various pump manufacturers with the electrical engineering and assembly for setting up the test benches, including the ancillary systems. Our process information system KRIS³ is used for quality records. In addition to pump test benches, we have also supplied the electrical engineering equipment for a generator/motor test bench of a leading electrical company.

  • Generator/motor test bench
  • Test bench for process pumps

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