On this page you will find interesting news from the world of energy and automation technology. Also follow the further development of our self-developed and powerful process information system KRIS³, which gives you constant access to the process data in your plant - at any time and any place.


This year we will once again be represented with our partner MRP Automatisierungstechnik with a booth at the ZELLCHEMING Expo - the trade fair for the pulp, paper and supplier industry as well as fiber-based materials. 

When: ­­    18 - 20 June, 2024
Where:    RheinMain CongressCenter (RMCC) Wiesbaden 
Booth:     Hall North, Booth 11 

We would be delighted to welcome you as a visitor to the trade fair. 

The Highlights: 

  • Best practice presentation on the topic of "Process data management versus IT/OT security" 
  • KRIS 4: Find out the latest news about our KRIS process information system, which launches in version 4 this year
  • News from the world of automation: We inform you about the latest topics such as energy efficiency in drives, modern process control technology, data management and industrial IT 

For more information and tickets, click here.

Retrofit of a "Bolide" - The racing car among winders 

KRIKO already has experience with winder retrofit projects. We have already modernized more than 50 winders from a wide range of manufacturers. The fully automatic model athlete from our customer DS Smith - supplier of corrugated cardboard packaging solutions - is characterized by impressive performance data: 

  • 3500 m / min fast 
  • Working width 7.6 m
  • Drum diameter 4.16 m = 75 tons of paper 
  • A reel change time of 45 s 

Speed, full automation and precision - a challenge in every respect. Find out how we also successfully implemented this retrofit project. 

Read report (German)

Highlights of the KRIKO Innovation Days 2023

In October, we hosted the Innovation Days in our new office in Freiburg for the first time. More than 80 customers watched our presentations about the latest topics of the industry: Energy efficiency in drives, modern process control technology, data management, industrial IT and our new KRIS 4 process information system.

We were delighted with the pleasant atmosphere, interesting discussions and exciting insights into our customers' experiences. 

Did you miss the Innovation Days? Click here for impressions of the event and watch the videos of the presentations. 

Go to the Innovation Days 2023

Hurry with OT security in the paper industry

Sensible network segmentation is one of the central technical measures for increasing the security and availability of production facilities. It is not for nothing that the BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) lists this measure at the top of its "Best Practice Guide for Operators" within its ICS Security Compendium.

In the anniversary issue "150 years of Wochenblatt für Papierfabrikation", we published a guide on how to develop a secure segmentation strategy.

We would be happy to support you in OT security!

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KRIKO takes off at the B2Run Freiburg 2023

We are also a strong team after work!
End of June, our athletes successfully took part in the B2Run.
The 5-kilometre course led around the new Europa-Park Stadium and ended there.


Modernisation in record time

As a specialist for individual automation solutions for, among other things, paper and pulp solutions, Perlen Papier has once again opted for KRIKO after the successful retrofit of the 2020 winder. Thanks to the many years of experience of the project team and the very good cooperation, we were able to carry out the modernisation of the drive technology of paper machine 4 within 14 days.
Learn more in the report from ABB.

Read report (german)


White Paper Network Security in
Industrial Environment 

A practical guide about network security in the industrial environment. Only selected mechanisms proven in practice in the OT environment are presented. Careful conceptual design and planning of the physical network and the security mechanisms are crucial for the subsequent network security and availability of the plant infrastructure. Kriko provides support throughout the entire process, from consulting and planning to implementation.

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Of course, there will also be a lot of interesting news in our KRIS³ in 2020. Turning huge amounts of data into valuable information is a real challenge. Many companies are still at the very beginning of tapping into the enormous data potential. The new Cockpit app from KRIS³ takes you a big step further. Because it is able to bring together ERP and automation data to transparently display and analyse large amounts of data.

In order to achieve fast changeover times and safe product changeovers, KRIS³ offers recipe management with which you can bring more standardisation, efficiency and safety into your production. As the central platform for your production, KRIS³ recipe management can communicate with both the control level and the company level to ERP systems to achieve a continuous and automated workflow.

With the new maintenance contract, it is now easier than ever to always be up to date with KRIS³. As it is our goal to keep all customers up to date, we offer our existing customers a discounted entry into the maintenance contract. This means that they automatically and continuously benefit from the latest developments and comprehensive support. And for new customers, we are now offering KRIS³ for sale as part of a three-year maintenance contract. If you do not extend the maintenance contract, you can still continue to use KRIS³ indefinitely. We will be happy to inform you about the various options.


Times change, of course, also with regard to software, where there is regularly a change of generation after a certain period of time. The Siemens PCS 7 - Version 9 process control system is also associated with a new generation of operating systems, which made it necessary to further develop the libraries. 32-bit operating systems are a thing of the past, and with them some tried and tested PCS 7 libraries, such as the widely used SIPAPER libraries from Siemens.

KRIKO is known for creating intelligent solutions. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to give the existing Siemens SIPAPER AS modules a new and technically up-to-date face. Using the APL library as a model, new faceplates have been created for the SIPAPER "Classic" library, enabling you to migrate your system to PCS 7 Version 9 in a cost-effective and low-risk manner. The advantages of the solution speak for themselves: only minor adjustments to the software are necessary, the commissioning effort is minimised through unchanged AS programs, the open and non-copy-protected faceplates can be combined with all SIPAPER libraries and are future-proof through the use of standard tools.



KRIKO has long been known for the modernisation of multi-motor drives. Paper machines, support roll and back-up roll winders, rolling mills and processing machines for paper and aluminium, such as drying plants and coating plants, have been an integral part of our wide range of activities for years. As with all other machines, however, the electronics of cross-cutters also reach the end of their life cycle at some point. Techniques that were still up to date 20 years ago present service technicians with problems that are difficult to solve today. Spare parts are often no longer available. Connections to modern MES/ERP systems are impossible. Manufacturers and suppliers have disappeared from the market or experienced service technicians have retired. Service is sometimes provided from abroad, with the familiar problems such as language barriers or the different perceptions of service.

In order to spare our customers such problems in the future, we have taken up this challenge and can now provide references for the modernisation of sheeters, both for format adjustment via a crank drive and for state-of-the-art format adjustment with an electronic cam. Features such as multiple unwinding, inline cross-cutting, error tracking, error rejection and a fully automatic pallet change are of course also included. Not to forget the automatic longitudinal knife adjustment. Here, too, we can provide references for systems from different manufacturers.

In addition to the security of being able to continue operating your machine without any worries, our solution offers many additional advantages. Obvious are simple operation, clear and diverse diagnostic options as well as the comprehensible, structured and well-documented software. By dispensing with special components and using commercially available components from well-known manufacturers, repairs can be carried out without any problems even in a few years' time. And last but not least, of course, KRIKO's well-known good service also speaks in favour of our solution.



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  • KRIKO Innovation Days 2023 - Rückblick 
  • Predictive Maintenance 
  • Migration des PCS 7 Prozessleitsystems bei der Cerdia GmbH 
  • Retrofit der Papiermaschine 5 bei der Koehler Oberkirch GmbH 
  • KRIS3 Rezepturmanagement im Einsatz bei Felix Schoeller GmbH 
  • Technische Sicherheitskonzepte - Das Mittel zum sicheren Betreiben von Maschinen 

PDF anschauen 


  • Your partner in difficult times
  • Operational Excellence meets KRIS³ 
  • Innovative thermal management
  • PM 4 - Retrofit in the paper industry
  • IT, OT and PCS 7 in harmony
  • KRIKO ready for PCS neo
  • Industrial Safety - Extension of risk assessment

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  • A big farewell at KRIKO
  • With KRIS³ Energy Management in Industry
  • Flexible & Explosive - Stahl Germany GmbH
  • Retrofit - Highlights Drive Technology
  • Convenient Safety - Industrial Safety
  • Replacement by PCS 7 at the WEPA Group

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  • 30 years of KRIKO
  • Transforming data into information with KRIS³
  • Flexible network - but secure!
  • From a vision to the production of the future
  • Safety right from the start - Industrial Safety

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  • The Times They Are A-Changin'
  • Migration to PCS7 Version 9 with SIPAPER MMA and DCS "Classic
  • News from KRIS³ in 2019
  • Retrofit of cross cutters
  • KRIKO success stories

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  • Faster and Easier - the New Troubleshooting with KRIS³
  • Roll, roll, comrade!
  • New steam for milk processing at OMIRA
  • Successful IFS certification with PCS7 and KRIS³ at Privatbrauerei Waldhaus

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